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Mindfulness seems to be the buzz word of the moment, even the NHS recommends it - it is good for you. Although it comes mainly from Buddhism, it is nothing to do with religion.

Week ending 15th May 2021 was Mental Health Awareness week. Many people find that being creative, in whatever way, helps improve their mental health. Below are some articles that reinforce this finding.

The impact of Lockdown on members of SAG has been varied: for some, there has been little change to their daily lives, for others it has had a significant effect, being apart from friends and family, even confined to the house, they have felt isolated and lonely. However, all have found different ways of coping with the situation and...

BBC article "Vaccine side effects: My experience of them and what they mean" 17 March 21 on Covid vaccinations and reactions. This give useful and clear information regarding the vaccine reactions and how they work in two stages. The second booster gives little reactions compared to the first for some people.

A mandala is a spiritual symbol used for centuries across different cultures and religions to represent the universe, and is often used as an aid to meditation; it can help to create a peaceful state of mind.

In our quest for Wellbeing, a very effective tool in our armoury would be the practice of Yoga.

In these challenging times, the daily walk that we all look forward to is so much more important than the simple pleasure of escape.