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Note, CM after the name refers to a committee member


Cliff Law


Grant Parker (CM)

Conventional & Analogue

Sandra Evans

Watercolour, Acrylics

Dawn Ashcroft

Mixed Media, Acrylics

Garry Hartley 


Lesley Howse

Landscapes and Portraits - Pastels, Oils & Drawing

Keith Potts (CM)

Mixed media, Pencil, Oils

Pam Bennett (CM)

Pencil/ graphite and soft pastels.

John Squire

Pencil and watercolours

Pat Andrews

Acrylics, Oils & Mixed Media

Terry Leek


David Benbow


Sheila Adams

Watercolour, acrylics, mixed media and Pyro- etching

Sheila Young


Emily Squire-Cassie

Pencil & Watercolour

Jane Green (CM)

Watercolour, acrylics, pen, mixed media, pyrography

Alan Fernihough

Oils and mixed Media 

Sylvia Tomlinson (CM)


Carole Field (CM)

Watercolours Mixed Media  

Peter Cutter

Acrylics & Watercolours

Janice Smith

Water based mediums

New Artist

Kay Caven Gallery


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Acrylics & Watercolours 

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Acrylics & Watercolours 

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Acrylics & Watercolours       

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