Monthly Challenge

Our summer challenge is "FRUITY".

You can interpret the theme in any way you choose.

This is a topic that should be fun to do.... and I look forward to seeing in how many different ways it can be demonstrated!

Upload your images on dropbox/Monthly Challenge/Summer-Fruity.

The challenge for June is " anything Royal "  

Very topical in this Jubilee Month! Let's see what royal , regal and resplendent pictures we can produce!

Add them to Dropbox in the usual way.

Dropbox/Monthly Challenge/ June -Royalty.


The challenge for May was "Ink and Bleach". You can interpret this any way you choose, although those who attended the recent wonderful ink and bleach workshop should have plenty of ideas!!

As always, you are welcome to post any recent work alongside the May challenge, Dropbox/Monthly Challenge/Ink and Bleach. 

The challenge for April was "Film Title". 

Depict any film, modern, classic, block buster or B movie! This should get us all thinking!

Post in Dropbox as usual ... Dropbox/monthly Challenge/ April Film Title. 

In addition to the challenges, you can also put on any "just finished" items of interest to members. Just place them in the DropBox for the current Monthly Challenge.

The challenge for March was "Down on the Farm". 

These will now be reviewed on Tuesday 12th April at 3 on zoom.

There is huge scope for everyone in this theme, portraits (people and animals!), livestock, crops, farm machinery, landscapes! Get your thinking caps on and get posting to ....Dropbox/Monthly Challenge/ Down on the Farm.

The challenge for February  was to  create a work in any medium on the subject of                                                                                 TOTEM POLES

Works submitted in response to the monthly challenge are displayed here on the website and reviewed by friends logging on to Zoom on  at 7.30pm on the last Friday of the month, broadcast directly from Littleworth.

Images may be sent directly to Dropbox/monthly challenge/ totem poles or email

We will have a trial run of Zoom to review the January challenge of 'Something you can polish' on Friday 4th February. Join us on Zoom at 7.30. See you all there.

January's challenge was "something you can polish" ... great for the still lives ...  looking forward to all those trophies... cups... tables ... glasses of all types and the imaginative ones Terry.

December's monthly challenge is "It's a Cracker!"

Please choose to depict this in your own way... however you choose to interpret it! Always good to see the variety of ideas .

Please post images in Dropbox as usual. (Dropbox/monthly challenge/Its a cracker)

November's monthly challenge is "Fireworks". 

This is a colourful and possibly experimental challenge.... so get your creative juices bursting with ideas....  and hopefully November's challenge will go with a bang!

Our monthly challenge for November is "Fireworks". Please post all your images in Dropbox as usual. (Monthly Challenge/Fireworks)

Novembers challenge was Autumn .. A lively set of rich colours

Each  month members are challenged to produce a work of art on a given topic to be shared online and on Zoom.

The monthly challenge for September is "ROOFTOPS".  Please add your images to Dropbox as usual .