Weekly Challenge

The challenge for Tuesday 18th May is "Pentagons-Irregular or Otherwise".

Tuesday 11th May's challenge was "Mushroom Effects". 

Magic mushrooms, psychedelic  mushrooms, the effects of mushrooms, or anything linked to mushrooms and toadstools ( the challenges are always very flexible!)

Our challenge for May 4th was "Beautiful".

Challenge for Tuesday 27th April is " Dilapidated"

The week's challenge was 'Music'. 

How will you depict music in a picture? Musical instrument, musicians, a famous or favourite song or can you think of another way? The choice is yours. See you all on 20th April. 

Your art challenge for 13th April is  "Couple" or "Couples".

The weekly challenge for Tuesday 6th April was Birds. As usual, it was interpreted in any way you choose. And Part 2 of the Paired Pictures Challenge.

The Paired Pictures- drawing by one artist and coloured by a second. 

Blossom challenge

Tuesday 23rd March challenge was "Spring is Sprung". Brilliant  to seeing everyone's interpretations.

Our Tuesday challenge for 16th March was "Reflections". Reflections could be on a variety of surfaces such as water, mirrors, shiny objects etc. Reflections can also be 'conscious thought or meditation'. Plenty of scope for all of us !

There was a dual challenge for last Tuesday, 9th March. The themes were 'Memories' ,or 'Wales' as we have just celebrated St David's Day. You could choose a either theme, or combine them as you wish. 

The challenge for Tuesday 2nd March was Fish.  You can interpret the theme in any way you choose, from realism, direct observation, to ( as suggested by Cliff) the 'essence' of fish! Looking forward to seeing everyone's work.

The challenge for Tuesday 23th was .... self portrait.                 Any medium, any style . 

The challenge for Tuesday 16th February was 'Cartoons'. 

The challenge for Tuesday 9th February was 'Animals'. This can be animals , or birds, of any shape or size. Whole animals or a selected part of an animal! 

The challenge for Tuesday 2nd February is 'Anatomical'. This can include bodies, bits of bodies, the human form .... in any media you choose. 

The challenge for Tuesday 26th January, was "Bubbles".

Our challenge this week for Tuesday the  19th January, will be " Looking Up".

12th January was " Creases or Folds". 

The challenge  for 5th Jan was "Rose" resulting from Margaret's quest for us to capture her favourite "Whiter Shade of Pale" (see below), rose using any art medium.