Monthly Challenge

July - strange flowers

Time to paint those creations.. 

Great pieces Dawn ....  keep them coming

May Challenge- Buds of May.

Thanks to Sandra for the suggestion of "Buds of May" for our May Challenge. There are many ways to interpret these theme-a  close up view of the classic cherry blossom or maybe the blossom in your garden. 

The stylized views of Japan at this very beautiful time of year with Japanese ancient architecture, or Mount Fuji as a background. 

Birds love the blossom too- so paintings/sketches of birds amongst the petals- Bullfinches are renown for eating the buds- Henry XIII put a price on their head as they were ruining his orchards!!

Time to get your paintbrushes out!!!

Send your pictures to Dropbox, or email Pam or Cliff. 


March Challenge -Feet!

Following on from the human form last month, lets focus this month on 'FEET'. 

This can be observational- bare feet, feet in shoes or any other footwear. Feet walking, jumping, skipping, or any other kind of movement. Feet of animals or birds??? 

Footsteps in the sand? Remember Monty Python's Foot? Paintings made with feet?

You decide. Please post your work of art in Drop box, or email Pam or Cliff. 

'Best foot forward' - as they say.  

February Challenge- The human Form

Our challenge for February is  to create a picture of the human form. We will be having an opportunity to take part in Life Drawing  using  an image on the  screen on 13th February. Any images of the human form is acceptable for this challenge. You can copy your favourite  painting (or sculpture), draw from life, sketch , paint, use studies of different poses or concentrate on particular aspects (hands/feet/faces etc).

Forward your images to Dropbox as usual of email Cliff or Pam . 

January Challenge- In the style of Van Gogh.

Using Van Gogh's painting  Wheat Field With Cypresses as a reference members were challenged to produce a work in less than two hours painted in the manner of Vincent Van Gogh. 

Off the Easel January

Off the Easel at Christmas

November Challenge- Landscape.

On November 17th we have a Friday demonstration from Peter Wooley on Landscapes. Therefore our November challenge will be to show landscapes of any variety- rural, urban, autumnal, wintery, scenic, flowery.... completely up to you to choose. Any medium is acceptable. Add your images to Dropbox or email either Cliff or Pam . 

October/November Challenge. - Something scary!

A bit late posting ( apologies!) ... but with Halloween approaching... please send any pictures that could be suitable for the scary season! These can be anything related to Halloween, but also anything dark, sinister, spooky, scary.... you get the gist. 

Upload to Dropbox as usual, or email Cliff or Pam. 

Emma Sheldon demonstrates the delicate use of colour to reflect the shades of autumn

A challenge of a different sort, as part of a Saturday workshop artists at all levels were  created portraits in oils from drawing the image to producing a finished work.

September Challenge.

Now we are back into the swing of regular meets after the summer break, our monthly challenges can resume.

For September, with a new model- Simon on September 19th, and a demonstration from David Brevitt on Sept 26th, you are invited to enter any model, figure or portrait picture. Any medium, any style, a complete finished piece of work, or sketches, studies, etc. will all be welcome.

Post in Dropbox as usual, or email Cliff or Pam .

Summer Challenge- July and August. Summer Artwork.

For our summer challenge you are invited to display any artwork you produce during the summer break. 

Share your images of your holiday sketches, paintings of your garden, portraits of family and friends, urban sketches of city visits, summer wildlife .....  absolutely any art work is welcome. 

Share your work with your SAG friends and let's demonstrate the brilliant work we are producing !

Please post in Dropbox , or email Pam or Cliff. 

June Challenge- School's Out. 

Congratulations to Jane who almost always  submits to every monthly challenge! You are an inspiration to us all. 

On the Beach. Jane Green.
On the Beach. Jane Green.

May Challenge- Coronation. 

The monthly challenge for May will be "CORONATION."

This can include anything related to coronation, historical or present day. The interpretation is completely in your hands.

Please send images to Dropbox as usual, or email Cliff or Pam . 

April Challenge- "The Lowry Challenge"

If you attended Littleworth last week- you will have seen the demonstration by Shane Wiseman on how to paint figures within a larger scene. For your April Challenge you are asked to produce your own scene including a small figure or figures. 

Please forward your images to Dropbox as usual, or email Cliff or Pam. 

March Challenge- Seascape.

Following on from our Inside/Outside session on Tuesday, this month's challenge is to make a seascape.

You can use the image provided on the screen , or the tutorial of painting waves, or any seascape of your choice.

As usual , forward images to Dropbox or email Cliff or Pam.