Marketing Art

The Artist's Market is an opportunity for you to promote and sell your works and services on line - the following step by step instructions will help you get going.  

Step 1

What am I offering for sale?

Is it competitively priced priced?

Have I taken into account the cost of postage, packaging?

 Am I able to dispatch orders on time?

Step 2

Creating the right impression

Badly photographed images will discourage potential buyers.

Ensure pictures displaying  your items in the shop window are in focus - symmetrical with straight edges and free of distortion anything superfluous to the item should be cropped. 

Step 3

Making the sale

Simply uploading pictures on to a website is not enough, we have to sell our wares.

For example if you are selling a work of art the customer will wish to know - The name of the artist - the title- the medium - its size in cm - framed or unframed - price - how and when it will be delivered.

Go to the Market and see examples.  

Step 4

Launching my product 

A participating member may display up to five items in each category.

Each item should be submitted separately by email to with descriptive notes and photograph attached.

Ensure that text and photographs accurately describe the items offered for sale.

Step 5

Filling an order

At the time of purchase the system generates a 'Purchase Order Confirmation'  copies of which go via email to the buyer and the seller.
The seller is responsible for delivering goods within the timeframe promised.
In the event of a credit sale (PayPal)  the artist will receive payment on confirmation of delivery.  


The Artists' Market is a service to all members who seek to market and sell their works and services on line. Each subscribing member may offer for sale up to a maximum of five items in each of the various product categories and undertakes that they will remain on offer for a minimum of thirteen weeks or until sold. a charge of £15 per annum is incorporated into appropriate membership fee and 10% commission is paid to Group funds on each sale.