Summer Arts 22


We have created a page dedicated to all the lovely work that is taking place during the summer break.

On Tuesday 10th May we were treated to a presentation from our very own Doug Blanks. Doug demonstrated 3 methods of starting a portrait, although I am sure the methodology would apply to almost any genre. A key factor in each of the 3 methods demonstrated was 'large form modelling' - which focuses attention to the general large shapes...

The Sale for Ukraine was held on Saturday 16th April at the Oddfellows in Stafford. The venue was kindly donated by Oddfellows for the day to support our sale. Members donated equipment, materials and art works , alongside crafts such as cards , and sunflower seed-baskets and potted sunflower plants.

A first for SAG ..... Painting a model from the big screen. People said they had really enjoyed this format with good poses and strong lighting.

Play Day Oct21


Also known as "squishy" art - it was great fun creating textures which were then applied to create a collage. A big thank you to Carole and Sheila in creating the day for the members .... it was very well supported.

The September monthly challenge of "Rooftops" concluded on Monday 11th October. Many thanks to everyone who shared all their wonderful images.



We concluded our regular weekly Zoom meetings this week with a colourful set of pictures of musicians, showing great movement and energy!