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Self Portrait.


Todays challenge was self portraits which proved to be challenging indeed! Many members agreed it was difficult to draw from a mirror... and also how hard it is to get a likeness. We were however all able to identify every member from their self portrait- so well done .



A massive entry with some very imaginative pictures ... well done to all and special thanks to Keith for his educational chat on DAME LAURA KNIGHT.



Todays zoom meeting had a good number of entries and was attended well. The entries covered a wide range of styles and interpretations! We had beautiful animal images - both whole creatures and some interesting close-ups.



Bubbles .. record entry and vary varied... with 21 people on Zoom this Tuesday another record broken. And new to SAG website were paintings shown by Helen, Rose and Steve. With David presenting his brilliant Art Quiz and Jane Green for getting 15 points... well done

Looking Up


Best ever number of pictures entered into the weekly challenge.... Alcohol experiments with notes by Sheila Adams

A tough challenge - giving rise to many diverse pictures. This is Keith's - based on the Apostle by Durer.

Amazing .. 20 members having fun and merry banter on zoom this week ... plus .. Cliff's introduction to famous if dubious world leaders art. Thank you for your picture, "Smelling the Roses" by Phoebe (aged 14)

My Favourite


29th Dec Week's challenge ( was set by the Chairman on 22nd December) was 'My Favourite'.... Thank you Sandra for your entry.

Click on this image link to go to the YouTube video to see the quiz for yourself ... you need a paper marked out with 33 numbers and a pencil or pen to write down the artists name.

Artwork by David. A good challenge entry ... so many were up to the challenge and with many Christmas hats.. flashing jumpers! and good humour. ..................... Happy Birthday was sung to Carole by the SAG choir.