The September monthly challenge of "Rooftops" concluded on Monday 11th October. Many thanks to everyone who shared all their wonderful images.



We concluded our regular weekly Zoom meetings this week with a colourful set of pictures of musicians, showing great movement and energy!



As always, the brilliant array of art work for this weeks challenge was accompanied by plenty of information about the subject. Lovely to hear how certain insects have been visiting our gardens....and the beauty of some that we have not yet been able to see in person.

Summer 21.


A welcome return to Zoom today following the summer break. Although there were only a couple of submissions for the challenge titled 'Bad Hair Day' , the images we shared also included an assortment of holiday art, photographs of amazing gardens, young artist's artwork and portraits of Kings and Queens! As always, the discussion alongside these...



As a conclusion to this season's Zoom meetings , the weekly challenge was 'Holidays' . It prompted some delightful pictures of holidays taken in 2021 as well as much loved holiday venues from previous years. The essence of holidays was also shown through joyful children laughing and leaping, large dripping ice-creams, and figures scattered over...



Very diverse aspects of carnivals and past works. Carnival Row by Pam. Special mention goes to Phoebe who has created some outstanding challenge pieces over the last 6 months.



Moths, boats, chickens, faces and many other feathery things illustrated today's Zoom meeting. Alongside all these lovely works of art, our discussions included programme recommendations, book recommendations, as well as remembering how doorstep painting demonstrated your pride in your home... however humble!



It is lovely to see all the week's art work for our challenge. Contributions are made by members on holiday, members who can't join us on Zoom, young artists, new members - a wonderful way to pull all of the art group together. The members who can access the Zoom meeting always enjoy the discussion that accompanies viewing the gallery-...



Our weekly challenges are always fun to do , but an added advantage is what we learn when sharing all the artwork. Today there was much sharing of different media and different tools. The difficulties of working in alcohol inks to keep them long lasting on the page, and the processes needed when creating in glass, were just two...



Trains and boats and planes ......and scooters, balloons, maps, piggybacks! What a lovely array of images linked to travel. A really good response from members despite the draw of beautiful weather during this week. Well done all.



Our contributions today showed a wide range of materials and approaches. Physical collages made with papers, fabrics and natural materials, as well as virtual collages made with software. It makes us all look at the world differently when we are encouraged outside our comfort zone now and again, and reinforces that art does not only need to be made...