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Although quite an unusual theme for this week's challenge, it enabled many of us to experiment and explore in shape, colour and also media. As always, we also learnt plenty of unknown facts about the theme- mushrooms as medicinal aids, both historic as used in field dressings in WW1, and future as a support for chemotherapy. Thanks to Margaret for...



Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it was certainly on Zoom today. We saw beauty in all it's forms, stunning portraits, fields and flowers, impressive sunsets. Beauty is created by DNA... as shown by a wonderful microscopic drawing, and beauty is definitely our beautiful planet... with a painting of the world from space. What a wonderful...

A beautiful afternoon to sketch. The rain stayed away and the sun came out! Essex Bridge is a wonderful location, with a variety of views to choose from. If you were quick on the draw- there were horses crossing the ford, canoes floating by, and ample people walking or cycling across the bridge if you fancied figures in your work. ...



A delightful display of derelict, decrepit and dilapidated! We have seen vehicles, buildings, faces, garden equipment and a lot of sheds! As always, the stories that accompany each piece of art work is as interesting as the artwork itself . I am sure we all learn a little about techniques, materials, history and our own individual lives when we are...

Lovely to see so many members at St Mary church in Swynnerton today, and welcome to new member Hilary, so glad you could join us.



Music was the challenge for today, but everyone rose to the challenge! Despite it offering some very difficult drawing skills - angles, perspective, figures......the work was wonderful. Music was also shown through different techniques and materials - including embroidery, collage and montage! We were treated to a couple of poems and images that...



Couples need not only mean a pair of people, as we saw in the art today, it also included 2 roses, 2 boats, 2 birds, coupling hares, railway coupling and pairs of cartoon characters!



Birds of all manner flew onto our zoom screens this afternoon. What a wonderful array of our feathered friends!!! From cute and cuddly to imposing and majestic.... 'birds ' was a theme the SAG members really warmed to .



A delicate selection of blossom pictures today, showing wonderful colour, texture and detail of all manner of blossom .... including some Cherry Blossom ( or Terry Blossom!) Polish.

A real celebration of Spring this week with images of spring flowers, catkins, and spring views. It was noteworthy that the colours that cropped up were very different this week, with an abundance of purples and yellows. We also saw brilliant pictures that interpreted the challenge with metal springs and saw rabbits and flowers bouncing across the...