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This 37 minute piece on You Tube talks you through making a simple sketch in situ, the recommended equipment and the basics of how to establish initially a quick sketch. This is followed by showing the development of working into it with sepia, and finally developing a watercolour. Although the sepia and watercolour are demonstrated in the artists...

Urban sketching ranges in style, media and amount of time spent on each piece! Some sketches are just that- a rapid capturing of a scene viewed in a moment in time. Sketchers have been known to sketch on anything to hand to record an image that appealed. Others are obviously well planned for and display a huge amount of detail....

In this You Tube video, the disccussion talks about what is specific to urban sketching. Well worth a listen.

Pam's blog 


During lockdown, its not always easy to get out and about to sketch in situ.