Creating Images Using Ink and Bleach.

A Stafford Art Group play day workshop.

This is a very striking way of working; that creates luminous effect in a drawing. The technique is basically a simple one that relies on the chemical interaction between an ink wash and household bleach.

For this experiment you will need a selection of pens, brushes, pallet knives and ink droppers with which to draw or create marks.

A good quality paper, household bleach and ink (not Indian ink as this tends to be waterproof when dry).

The first step is to stretch the paper to avoid cockling and then to cover the surface with an ink wash and let it dry completely.

When bleach is applied it affects the ink by bleaching out the original colour and leaving a bright stain giving it a dynamic effect of bright light against the dark of the ink. This approach to working is the opposite of what we would normally be doing - in effect we are adding the light rather than adding the darker tones.

The ink/bleach effect is a challenge to any artist. Start by making test marks and explore the potential of the brush, pallet knife etc. Try dropping bleach on to the surface and watch the unique abstract effects occur. Draw with a nib pen by dipping the nib in bleach for more conventical images. Get to know the potential of the process.

practice as much as possible whilst being aware of the health and safety issues when using such materials as bleach always follow the directions printed on the bottler text here...