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Stafford Art Group's Spring Exhibition takes place at the Oddfellows Hall on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March 

Local artists will exhibit and offer for sale a wide range of original art works - Not yet a member? now is a good time to be part of Stafford's lively arts scene and show your work at the Spring Exhibition 

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On Saturday, the Lead Astray Workshop was held at Littleworth. Sheila and Carole had prepared a very informative day for us, demonstrating a wide range of pencil media - showing us the advantages and disadvantages of each variety. Members were invited to use each of the mediums to experiment . It is rare to get an opportunity to handle...

Our understanding of how watercolour paints work was greatly developed on Tuesday with a presentation from member Stuart Blackburn. Stuart works largely in watercolour, and has a lifetime of experience- as he had his first watercolour set when he was 4 years old!! Stuart's presentation was looking at 'granulation' and how certain watercolours will...

A huge thankyou to all the members ( and partners) involved in the successful winter exhibition. Once again SAG were able to demonstrate the wealth and diversity of art created by it's members. Over Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November, a large and comprehensive display of art work was available for viewing and sales. A steady stream of visitors...



Mindfulness seems to be the buzz word of the moment, even the NHS recommends it - it is good for you. Although it comes mainly from Buddhism, it is nothing to do with religion.

USK December

Our new Urban Sketchers magazine is available for December. with interesting articles from Berlin , Seattle and Zurich. 

Here you can access not only the December Issue but also browse through previous editions.

The new September edition of the Urban Sketchers magazine is now available.

This little poem appears in this months magazine- thought it a good overview of what USK do!


In a bustling city, where stories unfold,

An Urban Sketcher, with sketchbook bold.

With pen in hand, and eyes so keen,

They capture the scenes, like none have seen.

On cobblestone streets, they take their stride,

Seeking beauty in every corner, far and wide.

They sketch the buildings, with lines so fine,

Breathing life into paper, like a rhythmic rhyme.

In parks and cafes, their subjects abound,

People laughing, streets alive with sound.

With quick strokes and vibrant hues,

They freeze moments in time, forever to peruse.

Through rainy days and sunny skies,

They unveil the city's secrets with their artful guise.

Every stroke tells a tale, a narrative so clear,

Urban Sketcher's magic, drawing us near.

From towering skyscrapers to quaint little lanes,

They capture the essence, where history remains.

Their sketches unfold, a visual delight,

Whispering stories, from morning till night.

So let's raise a toast to the Urban Sketcher's craft,

Their passion and talent, leaving us daft.

For in their drawings, we find a treasure,

A glimpse into life's urban splendor and measure.

Stoke Urban Sketchers.

Urban Sketchers feature in the Artist Magazine

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