Aids to Wellbeing


In these challenging times, the daily walk that we all look forward to is so much more important than the simple pleasure of escape.

Keeping our lungs exercised and our circulation moving is essential as these are the areas most at risk from C19.

If it's not possible to take a walk, then go to the garden ... or  to an open window ... and purposefully take deep breaths to expand the ribs and fill the lungs. Try this:

                                                                  Breathe in deeply, through the nostrils, to the count of 10 

                                                                  Hold for the count of 2

                                                     Breathe out fully, through the mouth, to the count of 10

Another important tip is to remain hydrated. Taking a drink hourly - water, squash, tea, coffee etc - is important and easily forgotten by most people. a small glassful, taken often, is absorbed into the system better than one whole pint once a day!  

The whole body will benefit: the mucous membrane, the skin, the internal organs and the brain (teachers often advise children to drink their "brain juice" - water!) 

Anyone who has watched "Gardeners' World", or read the magazine, will have noted Monty Don regularly pointing out that: "There is a growing awareness of the role of plants in promoting and maintaining good mental health and wellbeing."

"Care for your plants and you care for your mind."  Click on the picture below, then click "Go to"to find out more. 

"Resilience, adaptability and providing the right conditions for healthy growth serve both garden and gardeners best."

Many thanks to Margaret, a SAG member and former nurse, for her thoughts and advice.  Pictures and links added by Jane.

Coming soon ... Yoga and its aid to Wellbeing