Mindfulness seems to be the buzz word of the moment, even the NHS recommends it  - it is good for you.  Although it comes mainly from Buddhism, it is nothing to do with religion.

In simple terms it is paying attention to the moment without trying to change how you are feeling, or judging yourself.  Like many things it becomes easier with practice.  I have found that although my mind still wanders off, it does so less often.

Try sitting still with a straight back, close your eyes and soften any tension in your body - this becomes easier with practice too!  Focus on your breathing and if any thoughts distract you - as they will - acknowledge them and let them pass like clouds.  Sitting calmly for just ten minutes or so really does help.

I had fun creating patterns such as this one - they are called Zentangles, a form of doodling.  It might be good for people to colour in. Why not have a go?

If you click on the beetle or on the link below it, this will take you to a mindfulness site.

Other wellbeing links to other sites are being developed here.  Watch this space!