Lead Astray Workshop


On Saturday, the Lead Astray Workshop was held at Littleworth. Sheila and Carole had prepared a very informative day for us, demonstrating a wide range of pencil media - showing us the advantages and disadvantages of each variety.  Members were invited to use each of the mediums to experiment . It is rare  to get an opportunity to handle different materials and explore their properties- often as artists we are buying without truly knowing what a new item is really capable of doing. Available to try were standard graphite pencils, graphitint, inktense , Graphite matt, polychromos, Brutfuner oily pencils, Aquatone watercolour sticks and  pastel pencils, 

A range of papers to try out was also available.

Members were able to work at their own pace using ideas provided by our organisers, or use their own ideas from the range of book illustrations provided. 

The day was very productive, with everyone- whether experienced or not , able to produce some lovely examples of pencil work .

Many thanks to Sheila and Carole for all their hard work in preparing all the materials, and supporting everyone throughout the day.