Is Digital Art The Future?


"Picasso would have gone mad with this, so would Van Gogh"  When asked about painting on a digital device ( phone or tablet) David Hockney, one of the greatest of living artists commented that "the masters of the past would have loved it". Hockney himself pioneered the creation of art work using his iPhone and iPad.

There is a natural reluctance amongst many traditional painters to embrace the new technology often based on a feeling 'that it was just to easy. That real art demanded a range of particular skills to be valid, hand and eye co-ordination, the mixing and application of colours, knowledge of mediums the preparation of canvasses and much more in addition to the actual creative spark.

Digital art requires a different set of skills, however the need for creativity remains the same.

Artists should never fear new ideas. Before the lockdown few of us could have appreciated the role and significance that technology would come to play in our lives . Necessity is the mother of invention and we have learned to embrace Zoom, internet commerce and much more . In future will we embrace digital art with the same familiarity?