Carol Baker- Painting in Acrylics,


And ... after working on it in the studio

Version 2 - completed painting - 'Wild Meadow'

I painted a lot more light into the sky and added more 'glow' to the fields in the background. I generally worked into the foreground to increase the depth and add more detail linking colour throughout. 

I'm pleased with the finished painting now and I hope your members like it.

Thank you once again for your hospitality and I hope to you again in the future.

May I also say that I have an OPEN STUDIO on 15-16 April - you and your members are most welcome if they would like a ride out to see me. (Details below)

With kind regards         Carole

There was a good turn out to see the demonstration today from the wonderful Carol Baker. 

Carol had brought a ready prepared box canvas , the surface painted with a warm peach ( made with permanent rose and lemon yellow), over some randomly applied rough medium. 

Carol's preparation far exceeded the canvas, as she showed the photograph she had taken of a favourite place where she walked. From this photograph, she prepared a sketch to show the composition, followed by  a colour sketch demonstrating  the palette she would be using. Carol prefers to work with a limited palette which creates her distinctive style .

Using a large brush, Carol stood to apply her layers- which allows her work to remain loose and energetic. Throughout the demonstration , Carol talked about how she was applying the paint- scumbled with a dryish brush when blocking in,  wetter when applying splatter or rigger work. 

The beautiful landscape Carol was painting developed before our eyes- she has promised to forward the finished article for us all to see once she has let the painting rest- allowing time to look/review/reassess and add any further paint that will add to the completed work. 

Carol displayed a range of her original acrylic painting, as well as some mounted watercolours, and a selection of cards. 

This has been an entertaining and informative session, leaving her audience feeling capable and inspired to try out some of the techniques seen today.