SAG Digital Art - Grant


This is the first blog of many .... where we chat about Digital Art aspects for the group.

Oil Painting using Digital art by Grant.

My first digital Oil Painting ( in the style of Jos Van Riswick ), produced from a blank canvas, all hand painted using the "Rebelle 6" artists programme and an XP-Pen 22" tablet.

I followed the same painting processes as used on YouTube video in a time lapse video by artist Jos Van Riswick working in oil paints.  

Oil Painting

This was painted later from a blank canvas using oil paints. It was used as a comparison to the digital version (not meant to be identical, only similar for comparison purposes).

I was surprised how similar the painting format was. Each had their own unique aspects. The oil painting had good touch control and the digital had very good colour control and the ability to be able to zoom in.