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Hello. I'm Emelia, 15 years old and go by the name of "jynx" online. I like doing digital art more than I like doing traditional art if I'm being honest (by all means that doesn't mean that I CAN'T draw traditionally because I can and do). digital art is just more engaging in my opinion. you have a wider variety of effects and pens and stuff that you can use.

personally, I use my phone for my art. I have a drawing tablet but I cant actually connect that to my phone so I'm currently stuck drawing with my phone and index finger. the app I use is ibispaintx, its free on the app store and its great for beginners! (not sponsored) I've been using it for nearly 3 years I believe and its helped me improve a lot. the reason its helped me improve is because the creators actually have a YouTube channel showing you how to use it and how to learn to draw certain things.

digital art is the same as traditional art except its not pen, pencil or paintbrush to paper, its just done using a phone, tablet, computer, or basically anything you'd class as digital that's touchscreen, because it'd be a bit dumb to try and draw onto a tv (don't know how that would work).

after many years of trying to find and develop a style, I still haven't. but I think I'm getting there. all i know about it is that I like drawing in more cartoony styles, as shown on my instagram: @jynx_art.stuff

I've self taught myself with the help of images online and the odd few human anatomy (artistic not scientific) YouTube videos.

I take inspiration from mcyt (Minecraft YouTube), or really any type of animatics (basically animations with less frames) as the people who make them are unbelievably talented with what they create, it really inspires me.

Anyway, thanks for reading this if you did. I really enjoy creating digital art and I hope people like seeing the stuff I make equally (or close to) as much.