Inside /Outside.


In the chill of January, we were able to take part in drawing and painting a landscape without having to suffer the weather! 

Cliff prepared for us another of our famous 'Inside/Outside' sessions. The activity was introduced via a You Tube Tutorial, which gave insight into what to look for when creating your own composition using a projected image. These included leading lines, tonal values - looking for the lightest to the darkest areas of the image, and colours - noting how colours become cooler and more blue as they recede into the far distance. Our presenter stressed that 'You are an artist! You must make your own decisions about what to include, what to miss out, and how to make the image your own interpretation'

After the short tutorial, members began to create their own versions, 

The image will be used for the February Challenge. The image can also be found on the Monthly Challenge section so any member can participate. And all images will be loaded onto the monthly challenge gallery.