Getting off the Mark- by Doug Blanks


On Tuesday 10th May we were treated to a presentation from our very own Doug Blanks. Doug demonstrated 3 methods of starting a portrait, although I am sure the methodology would apply to almost any genre. A key factor in each of the 3 methods demonstrated was 'large form modelling' - which focuses attention to the general large shapes that can be seen, looking mostly at how the lights and darks within an image create these shapes. 

Doug included not only examples of his own work in progress, but a time lapse video of how one piece advanced, and of course his own live demos. It is no mean feat to demonstrate something that needs such concentration and skill, but also maintain a lively and humorous narrative at the same time!

Doug felt if every member present could learn just one new thing during his presentation, it would be a success. I am sure everyone came away with new knowledge, and a genuine desire to try out these starting points. A definite success Doug!