The Monthly Challenge

The meeting for May will be on Friday 7th at 7pm as usual. 

Please come and join us. It's a great opportunity to chat, share what art  you are working on, and generally discuss topical things from the art world. 

Our next Friday meet will be on the first Friday of the month, 7th May at 7pm. 

Our Friday meet will concentrate on 'work in progress' . There is a dedicated folder in Dropbox where you can deposit your images for sharing. 

The Friday meets are  informal . and all attendees are welcome to share work, ideas and generally chat . Come and join us!

Our next Friday meet will be on Friday 7th May at 7pm. 

The theme for Friday 5th March will be 'work in progress'. Ideally you could  provide a few images showing how your work has developed in stages- send images to drop box  (Friday folder), or e mail them to Grant if drop box isn't good for you. 

Failing that - just an image of what you are currently working on. Our Friday meets are designed to create conversation and participation in an informal environment. 

Look forward to seeing what everyone is working on in March. 

Our next Friday meet will be on Friday 5th February at 7pm. 

The theme for Friday 5th February is " Figures in a landscape". The figures can either be the central focal point, or could easily be small distant everyone opportunity to take part !

 First Friday of the Month - Zoom at 7 pm - next is Friday 8th Jan

The artist sees the world differently, it is the artist's job to challenge convention to interpret life according to his or her imagination. Each month we select a subject and invite you to run riot with it!

The topic for the Friday Night is to display your current "work in progress stages"

Pam Bennett. Work in progress of a pastel of an abandoned boat on Mull. Soft pastel on black sanded paper.

My art images usually come from my own photographs.

The challenge for December was - produce your version of 'Vincent Van Gogh

The challenge for November was ' The inside of ?' 

The challenge for September was ' It Doesn't Get Better Than This' 

Previous Challenges:

More than 400 pictures were submitted to our weekly challenge during the lockdown and we thank all those artists who helped keep us going in a difficult time. 

The images below will be taken down shortly and stored on a hard disc to remind us of a remarkable effort

Relations or Friends children's drawings

Dogs challenge for 21 July 20

Old and Rusty


"Hands" - the weekly challenge for Tuesday 30th June

23 June Landscape

16th June - Space

9 June - Canal Life

2nd June fun challenge 'Cliffs and Mountains'

Agriculture 26th May

Flight - 19 May Challenge