Alcohol Inks - Sheila



    Alcohol inks


    Non porous surfaced paper /card or Yupo paper

    Heat gun or straw

I use additional media to create the required effect eg. Mica powders: 3d pearl effects : black acrylic ink : Fineliner pens


Wet the surface of the paper with Isopropyl using a spray bottle or paintbrush. Drop some of the inks onto the paper .. not using too many colours at one time. Move the paper side to side to allow the colours to flow. Add more thinners and colours as required, use a hot air gun or straw to move the ink and seal edges. Spraying Isopropyl creates a dot effect. Dripping neat Isopropyl onto the painting creates large circular patterns.

The use of Isopropyl allows the movement of the ink even after it has dried, which is very quickly. It will not move with water.

The abstract nature of the base painting can then be refined as required.

I find the white ink is quite opaque and has different properties to the rest. However, at the moment, have only used Pinata inks. Other makes may be different.